Friday (last day)

Rita and Catrina (The teachers) met their three Italian students at the train station. Markus claimed that when he came to pick up Mr Anderson and Mrs Arniel he still had tears streaming down his face! (We think it was because it was minus 11 outside)

Mrs Arniel was late for her class. Another excellent lesson for her, this time Physics in Swedish!

You wouldn’t think cows could be so interesting. Not a few cows but 350 in a barn. Yes, we visited a farm to buy jams, biscuits, cheeses and to look at cows in a barn. It was weird at first when you heard how they(cows) wander around inside this barn and eat sleep and produce milk all under their own steam. Everything was automated and the cows know their place in the system. No need for people, just machines that lock onto where the cows are and 3 times a day milk them.  The cows with some help from a couple of big ‘fellas’ produce calves and milk all winter and summer. They don’t get outside to see the sun until May 15, when the whole area comes along for a big celebration.

We (not the cows) went back to school for lunch then onto the train station for Linkoping.

Time to say goodbye!

(Swedes first,  back at the school, then the  Spanish at the bus station kissed everybody bye bye)

Calum and his special Spaniard friend seemed very sad to be parting!

The Spaniards went off on their bus to the Aircraft museum, whereas Mrs Arniel took us on a trip around the town with our suitcases on tow. She enjoyed her Princess cake at her favourite cafe. Unfortunately, this was a few blocks away from where we were to get the bus. Mrs Arniel likes walking and quickly.

The transport system be it rail or bus is outstanding in Sweden, just like the students and their families. The staff and hosts are so friendly so much so that they wanted to adopt our students.

We hope you will all get the very positive feedback from the organisers of this comenius project soon. It should be a chance for all to see how much our students, staff and families have enhanced our special European community. We wish future projects as much successs.



Engineering, Web page design and Art, was the early wake up call for tired staff and students. Do you know how difficult it is to use a computer when all the instructions are in Swedish and the keyboard is all over the place. The text books are fun as well (not)

Guess what! Another march with Scotland 1st, followed minutes later by the ‘Sardines’, then in their usual place Spain strolling along with a care in the world. They did get lost though which added a few more minutes as the Swedes sent out a search party.

We had arrived at the vocational school for cookery. We were shown around the kitchens and rooms and saw two top students who were practising for an international competition. It was back to school for us but the staff stayed on for lunch in a very smart restaurant.

A bus triptook us to a ski slope (it was the only hill for miles and miles and miles.)

Chaos then took place. Spanish who had never seen snow before never mind controling a sledge. Rebecca trying to wipe out the hosts.

Flying Swedes in all forms. (We can let your imagination work that one out)

Some of them ended up in the bushes at the bottom of the slope !!!

Mrs Arniel was a star with the x-country skiing after trying her luck with Anders and a plastic bag.( The screams were heard half way across Europe)

We are at the Party now with ppts showing the various groups efforts at Mondays treasure hunt, fantastic Swedish food and dodgy music.



Oops.Sorry we are late but yesterday they kept us very busy.

We started again with lessons. Poor Ellie still has trouble with computers!

Then they force marched us up hill and over to a factory. This new factory makes medical packaging and other plastic materials used in hospitals etc. Mr A. got to see how they put together his replacement hip, even down to the cement!

Whoosh off to the train and a superbly smooth ride to Linkjoping where after a bus ride we found ourselves at replicated old village with 19 Century banks and schools. We think we saw where Mr Carter might have started his education. Slates, bare feet, and a cane for when he was bad.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Guess what is coming home.

Next was bowling where we Scots were rubbish. They wouldn’t let us use bumpers!


We started the day with some Swedish lessons, including Spanish, German, Maths and Programming.

Mrs Arniel was in shock. She sat in on a German class taken in Swedish:

Then we did an assignment using a program called thinglink. Thank you Mr Ennis for screwing us up with yet another Presentation method.  we know it was you who gave the Swedish this idea!

We had a nice lunch then proceeded to the toyota material handling facility, it was massive and a New Zealand-Swedish woman guide took us around. We were not allowed to use our cameras in case we gave away secrets. Who wants to build 10 different types of fork lift trucks!!!!!!

We had free time in Mjölby, but having walked a thousand miles over the first two days, with a snow blizzard blowing, the indoor centre was favourite full stop.

Pizza galore at night and there were lots of music, board games, table tennis etc with a late finish.


By the end of the night we had all seperated, some went to the warm comfort of home, some got a kebab and Ellie and I were crazy enough to go with some Spanish, Italians and Swedes to an outdoor ice rink!

I attempted (and failed) to play hockey with Felicia’s little brothers. It was fantastic…. her father then made everyone hamburgers (except fussy me of course) and it was a brilliant way to end our first real night…..Billie

Touchy Feely


After lunch, everyone met up in the “Bio” room for some intellectual discussion about commercial messages aka adverts. We showcased some funny adverts from each country such as Panda Cheese.
Next, we worked on power points to present our findings from the Treasure Hunt, including photos and funky animations!

The school has a whole room dedicated to ping pong, which all the Scottish students believed would be a real motivator and enhancer for their education back home. Hint hint. Hint hint.
All students and even some teachers joined in for a massive game of ping pong, a bit like King of the Table. The Swedish were victorious – both times we played.


We played a game where you touch each other…

where you follow a command on a piece of paper, such as “hand to foot”, “nose to nose” or “mouth to arm”. The highest scoring group achieved a whopping 17 positions without dropping a slip.

Searching for elk

This morning began with a motivational speech from the Swedish headteacher after which Robin and Adam’s band Clairvoyant played and successfully deafened Mr Anderson. For the rest of the morning we went on a treasure hunt around Mjolby. Apparently our accents are incredibly difficult for the Italians to understand and I managed to lose the town centre.. After a long, long walk in circles and dressing the Italian teacher as an elk to win at least some points we made it back to the school and have just had a good lunch.